Humberto Martins is a Brazilian actor born in Nova Iguacu, Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. Humberto started working at a young age for his family’s company, where he developed knowledge in diverse areas.
As a teenager, he also participated in enduro motorcycle races. Humberto always practiced sports and participated in artistic activities in the schools in which he studied, including as an amateur actor in several plays, already demonstrating aptitude for the art field. His older brother, Hugo Martins, an important sculptor and painter, was someone who always encouraged and inspired him.
At age 21, Humberto stopped dedicating himself to the family business and set off on a new journey, one of greater understanding of human relations (the main raw material for an actor). He studied and graduated from dramaturgy schools, immersion programs and theater workshops, where he developed the techniques and knowledge needed to follow his new dream (that quickly became reality with much dedication and commitment).
He worked at school level theater, as well as professional theater. He entered the career of professional voice acting and since then has never stopped working in the artistic field. Today, Humberto has a career of more than 30 years, participated in more than 30 soap operas, 5 movies, several series and award shows. He has three children and a granddaughter, is still a sportsman and a lover of the wonderful and inspiring world of art.
“I feel extremely accomplished and happy to have found my true calling in life and to be able to bring to the public different kinds of behaviors and attitudes through my characters.””